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STRYKZ - The Token For All Football Fans

Introduction to Fantasy Football

Fans of football treat it as a religion — there’s a zeal; a fervor coupled with heartbreaks and drama. The heroics of an individual, and the disappointment of seeing someone you admire fall short in theatrical finishes.

The fans want to be in the middle of the action and not be mere spectators. They want to feel the pulse of their favorite game by interacting with it. Enter Fantasy sports — a medium through which fans can build their teams with actual professionals and showcase their strategic prowess.

Football-Stars: A Recognised Fantasy-Football Platforms

With 3.5 billion football fans and over 1.2 billion gamers around the world, Fantasy sports market has its own footing. And Football-Stars, a fantasy-football platform, is one of the leaders of the world. In order to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the players, the platform utilizes the real-world match data derived from opta.

The game covers challenges from the champions league and all the other major European leagues. Although the game is free and gives access to everyone as soon as they sign up, there are added features to be explored via paid functionality.

STRYKZ Token — The Cryptocurrency Token for All Football Fans

But how does one get access to this exclusive VIP treatment? The answer is through STRYKZ token. A user can buy it. Currently, the platform accepts ETH and BTC cryptocurrency with more major ones to be roped soon. The user can also earn them through multiple ways including content creation, aiding with enhancing the user experience, or generating overall engagement.

Another way a user can earn tokens is through creating terrific content for the website. Fans want a minute-by-minute update of the football world, and here’s a platform that rewards your passion. Whether it’s a pre-match research or a post-match analysis — there’s a place for quality content on Football-Stars.

An obvious way to earn tokens is by winning user-to-user challenges. Another special way to get these tokens is by reporting injury status. Since the platform is maintaining a live status of around 600 players at any given time — the fan involvement through timely updates keeps the real data ticking.

A user can then use these tokens to gain early peek into premium features or get an access to service that’d otherwise remain unavailable.

Along with a partnership with German sports magazine ‘Kicker’, the platform also holds an official Bundesliga license.

The token sale will last from the 29th of June to the 29th of July, 2018. The token price is 0.0001 ETH with the soft cap of 8900 ETH and a hard cap of 44500 ETH. Even after the token sale, the STRYKZ Token can be bought at selected cryptocurrency exchanges.

The Strykz Team

Based on their road-map, the platform’s ultimate goal is to tokenize sports and make the platform a global phenomenon. Although ambitious, the goal is not far-fetched considering how the platform is backed by a team that walks the talk. Whether it’s experienced in the gaming industry or a thorough knowledge of cryptocurrencies, the team stands out in all aspects.

Not to forget, Luis Figo is their brand ambassador, which solidifies the platform’s credibility for further partnerships.

Strykz’s lead investor is True Global Ventures, which is a major player when it comes to investing in fintech and gaming companies. The platform is also backed by experienced advisers and around 40 partners — with a solid network — from around the globe.


Considering all the merits and the upward trend in fantasy sport, Strykz has built a foundation for something incredible. And with STRYKZ Tokenthe platform is all set to level up.

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Cryptocurrency Strikes the Goal in Football

A few years back if we would have to talk about cryptocurrency and football as bedfellows, then it’d have been considered as an unlikely pair. But, with the pace, cryptocurrency and Blockchain are spreading its wings as we can see its applications in myriads of the field. Although using cryptocurrency in football can be a difficult concept for the common person to comprehend but it has come true with the surge of first fantasy football token – Strykz.

What is Strykz?

We have long seen the use of cryptocurrency in various business niches and football is the newest addition to the list. Football is one of the most popular games in the world and has millions of followers. The latest news about cryptocurrency in the field of football came when Football-Stars announced the launch of its token. The company is known to be ruling this industry since 2016.

If the statistics are to be believed then there are 3.5 billion football fans but only 1.5 billion gamers. It appears from the figures that if we could convince this massive chunk of football fans to come and join the league of gamers, imagine the huge benefit the company can make out of it.

What is the aim behind Football-Stars coming up with a crypto token?

The objective behind this amalgamation is to bring the payers to enjoy some real-life experience while gaming. When it comes to the world of football, then we hardly have something which is like a simulation gaming experience. Football-Stars, with this step, will bring in the new change and revolution in the world of gaming. It will not only be the merger of Blockchain and football but at the same time it will also incentivize the players for their participation and feeds.

The company is expanding into a community-driven platform, and Strykz will be the token with which it is incentivizing the participants. This platform will enable the user to invite other users for challenges and the ones winning it will be rewarded with crypto tokens.

STRYKZ token is an ERC20 token. It aims at exploring the possibilities of Football–Stars and at the same time pushing the fantasy gaming world into the Blockchain era.

What is the benefit of Blockchain implementation?

When it comes to Blockchain implementation in the fantasy world, then we first need to identify the key features of Blockchain that can benefit this platform. We all know that Blockchain is a distributed ledger which offers a safe place to store the data or information. With it being used as a platform for real-life gaming experience we can be assured that the data of the users and their personal information is safe and cannot be hacked. Moreover, with the use of smart contracts, the user can immediately get the reward once the desired conditions are met as mentioned while creating a smart contract. Thus, we see that it will create an ambiance of fair play, enticing others also to participate and use this platform. Blockchain will create a mutual benefit situation for both the users and Football- Stars.

The company is also trying to collaborate with various sports clubs and brands so that the rewards or tokens earned on the platform could be used by the players to purchase sports merchandise or other products.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Well there is another aspect which Football-tars is trying tap using this Blockchain-enabled platform. It will not only provide a real-life gaming experience to the players but at the same time, this platform can also be used as PaaS which means Platform as a Service. In simple words, this platform will be adaptable and agile. You can use it for any sports, language, and market thus making this product have a global and universal appeal. An example of this is the German Pay-TV broadcaster Sportdigital; it is using Football-Stars as a platform but as a white label product.

What’s next?

Well, the company wished to expand the fantasy gaming experience and to make this football and crypto fusion sound more realistic, it has signed Luis Figo as its brand ambassador. With football fever on and the token being launched on 29th June 2018, we are sure that it is surely going to lure the football fans.

You can read more about this STRYKZ here.

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